Monday, 5 August 2013

Turning 31 still feeling 18

 So, it’s that time...again.

I’ve always enjoyed Birthdays, I mean, what’s not to love, cake, presents, parties, did I mention cake? But approaching my 31st I just haven’t been feeling so excited. 30 was fine, a big celebration and lots of fun but 31, well, it’s just not floating my boat. Part of it may be because my mother died a few days after her 40th Birthday and that’s my next ‘big’ birthday (it will be strange to become older than my Mum) but I think for the most part it's simply because I don’t feel any different to how I felt the day I turned 18, a little wiser perhaps and definitely more tired, but still the same person.

Anyway, in an attempt to forget the fact that my knees now ache in the mornings and that a close up mirror inspection has resulted in the discovery of some definite facial lines I had a night out on Friday full of food, drink, music from a local Ska band and partied like it was, well, my Birthday, here’s some pics, there’ll probably be more to follow as it’s not actually my Birthday until tomorrow!

A little pouting practice, you know, just to stay down with the kids.
Wearing: Rolling Stones Tshirt, Leather Pants, Ted Baker Neevo Pumps.

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (A little Birthday surprise from the 'husband', think I may keep him a while longer!)

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