Friday, 23 August 2013

Interior Inspiration

Moving House

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, which wasn't what I had planned for my new little bloggy but I've just been so very busy planning, boxing-up, Ikea shopping and generally organising because I move house in seven days, wooop! It's all so exciting! Anyway, hopefully I'll be back just as soon as I'm settled but in the meantime here's some house-moving faces for ya', attractive right?!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Martina Dimitrova is Modern Marilyn for Fashion Gone Rogue

Photographer: Byron Mollinedo

Turning 31 still feeling 18

 So, it’s that time...again.

I’ve always enjoyed Birthdays, I mean, what’s not to love, cake, presents, parties, did I mention cake? But approaching my 31st I just haven’t been feeling so excited. 30 was fine, a big celebration and lots of fun but 31, well, it’s just not floating my boat. Part of it may be because my mother died a few days after her 40th Birthday and that’s my next ‘big’ birthday (it will be strange to become older than my Mum) but I think for the most part it's simply because I don’t feel any different to how I felt the day I turned 18, a little wiser perhaps and definitely more tired, but still the same person.

Anyway, in an attempt to forget the fact that my knees now ache in the mornings and that a close up mirror inspection has resulted in the discovery of some definite facial lines I had a night out on Friday full of food, drink, music from a local Ska band and partied like it was, well, my Birthday, here’s some pics, there’ll probably be more to follow as it’s not actually my Birthday until tomorrow!

A little pouting practice, you know, just to stay down with the kids.
Wearing: Rolling Stones Tshirt, Leather Pants, Ted Baker Neevo Pumps.

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (A little Birthday surprise from the 'husband', think I may keep him a while longer!)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Look for Less: Alexa Chung x

Look for Less: Alexa Chung x Women with Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung poses for kicking off a monthly series of interviews and studio portraits for the popular luxury fashion site. Shot by Jason Kim, Alexa is seen wearing Saint Laurent, Valentino and Acne whilst looking her edgy yet feminine self. When asked about her style during the shoot Alexa answered "I don't let other peoples' opinions dictate the way I dress, I really don't care what other people think." Oh to be Alexa!

Dress: Acne Studio, Pullover: Saint Laurent, Shoes: Valentino

Dress: Valentino

Pullover: Acne Studio, Skirt: Saint Laurent, Boots: Pierre Hardy

Dress: Saint Laurent,  Jacket: Saint Laurent