Wednesday, 17 July 2013


So here it is, my very first post on my (not) first blog ta-da!

I've wanted to create a fashion based space for such a long time and I've attempted more than a couple, but nothing felt, well, 'me'. Perhaps I was trying too hard to sound like an a first class fashionista from the planet bloggersphere or to amuse with hilarious anecdotes and and stunning prose but whatever the reason I've come to realise that I am indeed who I am (insert cheesy singing here if you wish) and therefore anything other than me simply won't cut it. You may or may not find the contents of this blog of interest but I figure that as long as I am writing and creating for myself then what does it matter, I mean I would very much like hundreds of thousands of readers to love and adore me but you have to keep it real right?

Anyhow, I'm afraid you're not likely to find hundreds of images of me wearing bank account breaking  beautiful high fashion brands here (not unless my husband has won the lottery and has failed to inform me) or salivate over stunning Vogue quality images (unless that very same husband has overcome his perpetual knack or managing to get his thumb in front of the lens for every picture he takes) but what you will get is an honest personal take on the world of fashion in all its glittering glory through the eyes of an early 30 something  and, well, if that's of interest then please stick around!

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